Jingle Mingle: Prezzybox Blogger Event


So I was scrolling through Twitter on Monday night on the #bloggerswanted tag and I found a Tweet for a Blogger event in Nottingham and I literally saw it was the last day to apply to go so I literally applied as fast as I could because I haven’t been to a Blogger event EVER so I wanted to push myself out there and get myself and this blog out there!

I got an email back the next day saying I was going and I literally jumped up to Jack and told him. I was so excited! I jumped on Twitter to find other people going and found some who live close to me! At this point, I was ready to jump on a bus to Notts and camp outside for two days, I was that excited. So here we are. I decided to blog about the evening and what happened at the event!

So I was so anxious about being in a place with people I didn’t know, so I reached out on Twitter for people going as well. Sarah (you can find her blog here!) was so nice and stayed with me the whole night and honestly, even after a few drinks, it was nice to know someone there.

Anyway onto the night. As I live about 10 miles from Nottingham, I took the fast bus and as I got closer and closer to Notts, I got more and more excited at the fact that I was going to my first blogger event. My make-up was looking great and I straightened my hair and for once, I felt really confident and empowered. I got out of my taxi at the bus station and Nicki Minaj’s rap in Swish Swish was on and you should know, I walked to the bus station like I had the confidence of someone else.

Anyway, as I had been to Notts before, I knew kind of where to go and Jack told me it was by the Yo Sushi we had gone to before so I went on that and Google Maps helped me a lot really. It was such a nice walk as the weather wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best and there was no breeze that I remember. When I found the place, I waited for Sarah and we went in.

When we got to go down, It was beautiful. Honestly, the photo below doesn’t do the venue justice. Prezzybox made the downstairs bar area such sight. There was a photo booth, present-shaped balloons (which I totally didn’t want to steal…), a bar which signature cocktails for the night, a perfume making workshop and a Christmas gift wrapping workshop too. I literally was so overwhelmed by how many things there were to participate in!


When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I was greeted by one of the Prezzybox staff (I am so bad at names and I apologise!) who searched for my name and I was given a rundown of the evening, a ‘Free fizz token’ and a little tag which had my name AND my blog on it. Honestly, it was the cutest thing I had ever seen and suddenly my anxiety disappeared and I felt a weird though pass over me. I had never been in the same place with so many people that do the same thing as me. There were people who had jobs, who were students and were still bloggers. I felt like I fit in for once. I know it sounds weird, but I think people thought I was weird for having a blog and making videos for YouTube.


Sarah and I were eager to make perfume so we waited in line and met some lovely people along the way and then finally it was our turn. When I say that I have no clue how to make perfume, I mean that. Literally, I was surrounded by all these scents which were split into three categories which we had to pick one from each category. I was panicking because my sense of smell and what goes together is not good. I took a lucky dip and picked up heady floral, herbal and amber scents and was astounded by how good they smelt together. I thought I was a genius but I bet they all suited each other in different combinations.

I decided not to do the Gift Wrapping workshop because and I quote “they’ll get it in a bag with some tissue paper”, I wasn’t even tipsy and had like 3 drinks so I don’t know what was going on with my brain. Anyway, each table had items that you can buy from Prezzybox (you can see what they offer on their website) and there was one where they had an eye mask with f*ck off on and honestly, please can someone buy it me because I am desperate for it. There was also one with a Gin & Tonic bathing gel which I absolutely am in love with the sound of.

So after we finished making our perfume, Becky Sheeran (not related to Ed, but a girl can wish) who runs her own YouTube channel called TalkBeckyTalk and although I was too busy listening and taking videos of her because I was so involved with what she was saying, I didn’t take a photo with her because everyone was talking to her after so I apologise about that! It was nice to hear the advice she had for us and what she does and doesn’t for her social media and her channel. It was nice to know that she has a blog as well but mainly focuses on her YouTube channel.

At the end of the night, we got given Goodie bags and honestly, these were the cutest things in the world! On the bag, it had another tag which had my name and blog on which was so adorable and I think some of them were personalised to like each blog and what they write on their blog. In mine, I got a little pink rabbit screen cleaner, a cupcake shower cap and some little earrings. Although I haven’t got my ears pierced, I will be either giving them away for my Christmas giveaway or to someone who has their ears pierced. I think all of the things in the goodie bags as well came from their website so it was so cute of them to give these things out! I also got business cards from the people from Prezzybox and their 2017 Christmas catalogue so I might be buying presents for my family from there, to be honest!


So to end, thank you so much Prezzybox for inviting me to this amazing night. I met so many people and gained some friends! As this was my first Blogger Event, it will definitely stay in my memories as it was a fantastic night! Thank you to Becky for coming and speaking to us as I learned a lot and will be using your tips for the rest of my Blogging and YouTube career. Thank you to The Perfume Studio for letting me make my own fragrance which I can buy a refill of whenever I want! Most of all thank you to Baresca for hosting this amazing event, your venue was so beautiful and the nibbles and cocktails were so good! I would definitely recommend going to dinner at Baresca!


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