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Hey Guys!

So as Christmas is coming up, that means presents are needed to be bought. If you’re like me and you like to buy presents that are not on the high street and have sentimental value to the person you are giving them too, then I have something to tell you! Uncommon Goods is a website where you can buy gifts that are, like the title, uncommon.


Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 by Dave Bolotsky who was captivated by handmade gifts at a craft show in Washington D.C. and had a vision where he wanted to create an online marketplace so people can look for special goods, regardless of the distance between the maker and the shopper. He started this business in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and as the company grew bigger, Dave moved his office around and it currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

They try and get artists to use recyclable materials where possible and use them themselves when possible. The company even pays their lowest paid hourly seasonal worker more than the minimum wage. Looking through their story makes me really like this company as they are making a profit but also helping the environment, not to mention that they sell beautiful products that are very special!

I was looking through the website and I found three collections that the site is promoting at the moment. I also found 3 of my favourite things in those collections which I might buy for people I know! The titles below are also links to the collections so you can check them out yourself!

Gifts for Girlfriends:


1. Origami Necklaces


These necklaces are so cute and tiny and they’re made of sterling silver so they won’t go green and will last a long time. If Jack got me one of these, I honestly wouldn’t take it off. These are perfect for animal lovers!

2. Lip Shimmer Wine Flight Gift Sets


Look at these! Seriously I don’t really like wine much but I want these! They are wine lip balms! I am definitely getting Jack to buy me these because I honestly NEED them! They’re perfect for people who love wine!

3. Porn for Women


I mean this is probably my favourite out of the three I found that I like. It is just pictures of men doing chores and honestly, it is the best thing I have ever seen for a present. it also contains no nudity so if someone young finds it, they will not understand! I definitely recommend this for a girlfriend’s present!

Personalised Gifts:


1 . Scratch Map Deluxe


I love these! The idea of just scratching off places you’ve been is amazing. I have a smaller one but I prefer this black one as it looks more cute and stylish. It is honestly such a good idea for those who love to travel! It also reveals different colours throughout the map so it goes from gold to rainbow and honestly, I would love that framed on my wall to show where I have been!

2. Faux Bois Mug Set


Funnily enough, when I picked this out I didn’t see the initials were J and K and it makes me want them even more! These mugs are so cute if you’re in a relationship or even want to get your parent’s personalised mugs! They are made from porcelain and also can be used in the dishwasher and microwave! I am definitely going to get these for Jack and I!

3. Loved Locket


I’m all for jewellery but these are so cute! I dont wear necklaces that much but if I had one with Jack’s face in, I would probably wear it! It does tarnish but can be easily cleaned so it is worth a buy if you wanna keep someone close even if you’re physically far away. These are also handmade so even though they’re the same design, your’s will be crafted individually to the others!

Christmas Gift Ideas:


1 . Beeroploy – Mens


I love beer and I love drinking games and sometimes, I want something different to the traditional Picolo or Ring of Fire. This looks so amazing as it does have some rules of ring of fire but the person still standing after everyone is eliminated has to drink the glass of whatever is in the middle. I would definitely recommend this as an after dinner Drinks Game! Also, you can play with drinks other than beer!

2. Phone Storage Water Bottle – Under $25


When I used to go to the gym, I honestly had to put my phone down my bra because I couldn’t put it anywhere else because I wanted to listen to music. This eliminates you putting your phone in a sweaty place and lets you feed your earphones out of the water bottle. This would be amazing on a run as you can just hold the bottle in your hand!

3. Game of Phones – Most Wish Listed


Let’s be honest, we’d rather play a game on our phone than a normal board game with people. This brings your phone into the picture and gives you challenges to do. I honestly love this idea because I use my phone a lot and I suspect people would get quite competitive with this! It looks like a fun after dinner game which would replace scrolling Facebook after a heavy meal.

So that is Uncommon Goods. I honestly will probably buy some presents for people from this site because, in my honest opinion, it is a site where you can’t find certain things in shops and even online stores. I hope you enjoyed reading about Uncommon Goods and if you would like to view their collections mentioned above, click the title with the collection you would like to view!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but I have given my full and honest opinion throughout the whole of this post.




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