A New Series


If you know me then you will have seen on my Twitter that I asked you guys if I should do this series and it got so many positive reviews! If you have no clue who I am, hello and welcome to my blog. This new series of blog posts is called It’s Time to Talk. The topics can range from related news to mental health and other things which I want to give a serious opinion on.

Now you may think that you don’t want these kinds of blog posts and if you don’t want to read them I will understand but I promise you, it will be a good read.

I will host (hopefully) weekly polls on a Monday for what blog post people want to see that week in this series. The poll will either specify the name of the posts or be topics like Anxiety or The Media. There is so much that I want to talk about and I hope with these posts, I can help someone whether that be with depression, anxiety or body confidence. The topics will not be just about mental health but can be things from the news and my thoughts or relationship advice.

So there will be hopefully a post a week and also will still be posting on my blog as normal, this is a just series where it is like my passion project.

So if you are looking forward to seeing this series, make sure to follow my blog to get updates when I post. I will be posting my first poll for the start of this series on Monday, 23rd October so make sure you’re following my Twitter!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I will see you soon!


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