25 Things Before I’m 25!

Hello Hello Hello!

As I am writing this, I am sat hungover in bed so I thought this would very inspirational in some weird way to do this post now. Thank you to the lovely Beki for tagging me to do this, you can check her post here!

So lets get on with the tag shall we? I have over 5 years to do these so every year I am going to review this list and then see what I have done and so on!

1. Get my BA Degree in Film Production

This is so close to my heart as I never thought I would get into University to study what I love to do. Knowing I passed first year, I am even more determined now to pass the next two to get that 2:1 I am hoping for in Film Production.

2. Get at least 1000 Blog followers!

Of course I had to put this in here, it is a major milestone and one I would love to achieve soon! I already have 24 followers and although I only started my blog on WordPress over a month ago, I already am happy with the following I have!

3. Get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube

Again this is a big thing for me as I have been doing YouTube for the same amount of time that I have been blogging which is around nearly 3 years! I love making content for people to watch and when I get a new camera, more vlogs and videos will be uploaded!

4. Lose some weight

You probably know by my Instagram or YouTube that I am not the thinnest person and it does take a toll on my mental health a lot so I would love to lose a quarter of what I weigh now by 25. This will make me more body confident which I already am but I don’t have much of it.

5. Get money smart

I am shit with spending money. I want something and when I buy it, it costs loads and it makes me skint. Honestly I need to stop spending so much money on food and save for the future and travelling. I also need to pay my overdrafts back so that’s a big thing.

6. Travel to at least 5 countries

I. Adore. Travelling and you may not know this from my blog or anything but I want to travel the world and I have scratchmap in my room ready to go! I can’t wait till I can scratch off some of America and more of Europe! I already have been to Spain so leggo!

7. Beat my depression and anxiety 

This is going to take a while but hopefully by 25, I will be much happier with my life and won’t get anxious in social situations and other things like that. I can’t wait to kick depression’s ass and be happy all over.

8. Go to more Blogger meet up/Organise them

If you already don’t know, we are hosting a Blogger Meet Up on the 7th October so click here to fill in the form to let us know you’re coming! So anyway yes, I have never been to a meet up or organised one so I am hoping to do more of this.

9. Read at least 200 books

Since starting Uni, the only books I really have read are the ones I needed for my course and I haven’t done a lot of reading so I am hoping to get back into and hopefully read at least 50 books per year!

10. Make at least 5 short films

Since being a Film student, I need to make more things to go in my portfolio and to be able to demonstrate my ability to make a good film so I would love to write, produce and direct a few more short films as I love the process and it would look good for my portfolio.

11. Collaborate with brands

I really would love to collab with more brands as I have only done two reviews on products but I really like doing it and giving my honest opinion so you guys can benefit from my views! I would love to work with bigger brands as well!

12. Get at least 5 tattoos

As I wrote this yesterday, I wasn’t thinking of getting any tattoos but today I got two! You can see them on my Instagram and Twitter! So I have 3 to go!

13. Get at least three ear piercings

Again like tattoos, I haven’t got any piercings! The only things I want done are my lobes twice and my cartilage. The only thing I am scared about is the pain as my pain tolerance is soooo low.

14. Learn to driveeeee!

I haven’t even got my provisional yet so that would be a start wouldn’t it?! I can’t wait to drive as I wanna go on roadtrips around the country and hopefully the world! Also driving would help me so much when I need to go home to see the Orthodontist.

15. Get a job relating to Film

Obviously this is a big one for me as it will help me in my career. I just hope by 25, I have a job as a runner or something! Even freelance would be good!

16. Go to Disneyworld or Disneyland for the first time!

Honestly this has been a bit of a goal for bloody ages as I L O V E Disney and Jack and I are hopefully going next year when we save up moneys! I honestly can’t wait as it’s so pretty and magical!

17. See Wicked live!

As you guys know from my posts, I ADORE Wicked and I am reading the book and Jack just got me the soundtrack on Viynl so I’m one happy person right now! So yes, I hopefully am going to Wicked soon if I can get tickets! Also if anyone wants to buy me tickets, that would be much appreciated!

18. Become semi-fluent in Spanish

I have spoke a bit of Spanish for around 4-5 years now and I would love to learn more and really just understand the language more as Spanish is easy to learn and is a beautiful language!

19. Visit America

Now I know I put travelling earlier on but going to America has been on my radar for a few years now. I always look at vlogs of my favourite YouTubers or their photos and just wish I could visit and stay there for a bit! I just wanna eat all the crappy food and go to Broadway shows and shiz like that!

20. Have a bigger make-up collection

As you probably can tell, I don’t really use make-up that much but I am really getting into it and just bought my first few things from KIKO for myself and they’re so pretty and I can’t wait to buy more and add to my collection! Definitely need more eyeshadow palletes!

21. Get Married

I can’t wait to get married and be happy for the rest of my life🙈 Jack already knows that I want a cute white wedding so hoping that I get that😉

22. Get a puppy

I already have a kitten but like when I get into my own house with Jack, I want a little puppy as they’re adorable and ahhh just so cute!

23. Go see the 1975 and LCD Soundsystem live
I am in love with these two bands and I really want to see them both live! I have only ever been to one concert so seeing these two would make me so happy.

24. Go on holiday with the girls

Now I’ve known my blogger girls for about two months now but I already feel I’ve known them for a few years and I hope we can go on a girls holiday soon and just meet up because they’re amazing😭

25. Rent my own house 

Now whether that’s on my own or with Jack (hopefully) I hope that I do get into my own house because I can’t wait to decorate it and make it all pretty.

So I hope you liked reading this post! Hopefully I will come back to it each year and tick things off! Remember to follow me on my social media so see if I do these things like travelling and getting more tattoos!


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