AHA Cleansing Liquid Review

Hello Hello Hello!

This post is a review of the AHA Cleansing Liquid by KiraKira Studio. I wanted to do more honest reviews on beauty products and other things so I thought this would be a great start! Now taking the product out of the packaging was so beautiful as its is a round bottle and looks really pretty! The design is sleek and simple which I really like.

AHA Cleansing Liquid

Next I decided to “play” around with my eyeshadows and my contour and well ended up like this after finishing with it all. It looks like someone has hit me in the face not going to lie.


So it was time to use the liquid. Now I used a paper towel as I didn’t want to use a make-up wipe as it wouldn’t be a fair review. It took a few wipes and a few washes of my eye cause I got the liquid in it but it all came off. Honestly it worked really well and I was really suprised as the liquid is a little sticky before you wash it off but it came off within seconds.

My skin is now really smooth and not oily as it was before. I honestly think that this is the best cleansing liquid I have used and if your skin is sensitive and it doesn’t like face wipes then I would reccomend this. I also have a few spots starting to break out and it is making my face red and this helped to calm them down a bit as well by making the skin around them smoother.

If you are interesed in the AHA Cleansing Liquid check out KiraKira Studio’s Twitter page here.


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