August Favourites

Another month over and another favourites post! 

There isn’t many this month as ive been working and shiz so there is a few but not many! I will also be adding my favourite song and movie/tv show starting this month! I’m getting used to doing these so this month, I have no pictures for each of my favourites but I will do them next month! So here are my favourites for this month!

Triplus Fine Liners:

These. Are. Amazing! They are so comfortable to write with! They also don’t bleed through the paper so you can use them on any type of paper really. With the 6 colours, you really dont have a lot of colour but they do range from red to green to purple to black so you can use these professionally and creatively!

Wicked – The Book:

Now I have loved the songs for years and have been waiting to see Wicked on stage for ages and I still haven’t gone but I found the book and decided to buy it! I am just starting it but I am in love already. I am so happy I bought this because now after reading the book, I can hopefully see the play!

ALDI Vitamins & Cod Liver Capsules:

Now I have started to take these as I have not been feeling well at the moment so I decided to buy these and they have really helped. They are under a £1 each as well which is good as you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with taking vitamins and minerals!

Bullet Notebooks:

I have had these for a while but with everything that is going on and planning posts for two blogs, a YouTube channel and fitting in 3 jobs, they have been my lifesaver! I have a small one which is my diary and the bigger one I have is for post planning and video ideas. They are also really cheap and help me with my anxiety so they may do the same for you as well! I definitely reccomend them as they’re so helpful with organising your life and what you need to do each day and stuff like that.

The Moana Soundtrack on Vinyl:

Now Jack came home with this as he knows I love Moana and he came home one day from town while I doing some organising and I tackled him instantly. This soundtrack is amazing and even sounds better on vinyl. The audio of this as a whole is beautiful and it is on repeat so many times. It is not too pricy at all either with it costing £21 at HMV. I definitely think this is a good buy.

So there we are, my favourites for this month! I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any of these, comment below!

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